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Here are various common English collocations sometimes called Siamese twins. See also Category:English lexical doublets and hendiadys and hendiatris.


The most common conjunctions used in a phrase that constitutes Siamese twins are and or or.

With "and" as the conjunction[edit]





With "or" or "nor" as the conjunction[edit]









The structure of any Siamese twins phrase has words that are related in some way or the other. The words comprising a Siamese twins phrase may be synonyms, antonyms, include alliterations or similar-sounding words. Other varieties of Siamese twins may also be possible.

Examples below are split into various tables; some may belong in more than one table but are listed only once.

With antonyms[edit]

  • back and forth
  • beginning to end
  • better or worse
  • black and white
  • chicken and egg
  • cops and robbers
  • coming and going
  • Cowboys and Indians
  • dawn till dusk
  • dead or alive
  • floor to ceiling
  • food and drink
  • give and take
  • give or take
  • heads or tails
  • hide and seek
  • high and low
  • hit or miss
  • hither and thither
  • in and out
  • life or death
  • long and short
  • near and far
  • now and then
  • pros and cons
  • rank and file
  • start to finish
  • sweet and sour
  • to and fro
  • top to bottom
  • up and down
  • victory and defeat
  • war and peace
  • wax and wane
  • yes and no

With synonyms[edit]

  • by hook or by crook
  • cease and desist
  • cheek by jowl
  • first and foremost
  • heart and soul
  • leaps and bounds
  • neat and tidy
  • six of one, half a dozen of the other
  • nook and cranny
  • null and void
  • peace and quiet
  • pick and choose
  • prim and proper
  • rant and rave
  • strait and narrow

With alliteration[edit]

  • bag and baggage
  • belt and braces
  • the birds and the bees
  • black and blue
  • bread and butter
  • cash and carry
  • chalk and cheese
  • fast and furious
  • fun and frolics
  • fur and feathers
  • hearth and home
  • hem and haw
  • kith and kin
  • Lend-Lease
  • part and parcel
  • pillar to post
  • rest and recreation (a.k.a. R'n'R)
  • rock and roll
  • rough and ready
  • safe and sound
  • sixes and sevens
  • spick and span
  • stars and stripes
  • sugar and spice
  • top and tail

With similar-sounding words[edit]

  • box and cox
  • chalk and talk
  • flotsam and jetsam
  • handy-dandy
  • hither and thither
  • hoi polloi
  • huff and puff
  • hustle and bustle
  • meet and greet
  • namby-pamby
  • pell mell
  • odds and sods
  • onwards and upwards
  • out and about
  • shout and clout
  • silly billy
  • time and tide
  • wear and tear
  • willy-nilly
  • wine and dine

With repetition[edit]

  • again and again
  • all in all
  • around and around
  • back to back
  • bumper to bumper
  • cheek to cheek
  • (on the) up and up
  • elbow to elbow
  • arm in arm
  • eye to eye
  • face to face
  • hand in hand
  • hand to hand
  • head to head
  • heart to heart
  • little by little
  • man to man
  • more and more
  • mouth to mouth
  • neck and neck
  • on and on
  • out and out
  • over and over
  • side by side
  • side to side
  • so and so
  • step by step
  • strength to strength
  • such and such
  • through and through
  • time after time
  • (from) time to time
  • toe to toe
  • wall to wall
  • wire to wire
  • woman to woman

Rhyming slang[edit]

  • Adam and Eve
  • apples and pears
  • bottle and glass
  • Brahms and Liszt
  • dog and bone
  • frog and toad
  • hand and blister
  • north and south
  • rabbit and pork
  • tit for tat
  • trouble and strife
  • two and eight
  • whistle and flute


Siamese twins occurring as a pair (that is, having two words occurring together) are also known as binomials. If the variant has three words occurring together, it is also known as a trinomial.

Examples of trinomials[edit]

  • blood, sweat and tears
  • bust, waist, and hip
  • cool, calm and collected
  • ear, nose and throat (E.N.T.)
  • here, there and everywhere
  • hither, thither and yon
  • hook, line and sinker
  • hop, skip and jump
  • judge, jury and executioner
  • lock, stock and barrel
  • mad, bad and dangerous
  • nasty, brutish and short
  • ready, willing and able
  • red, white and blue
  • sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll
  • tall, dark and handsome
  • the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Tom, Dick and Harry
  • shake, rattle and roll
  • stop, drop and roll
  • this, that, and the other
  • way, shape, or form