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Welcome to the userpage of Fudoreaper, which is me. I am a 26 year old male living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

About Me[edit]

See w:User:Fudoreaper#About Me on Wikipedia for more

I am a fairly new Wiktionary editor, but I've edited Wikipedia quite a bit. So far, I'm finding things quite interesting, and I am interested in standardizing the layout of articles; also filling out and making complete entries that are lacking.


My wiktionary contributions; count them.

My Wikipedia user page, and my Wikipedia contributions.


See work in progress: Wikipedia links
  1. backing - noun defn... backing of paper, etc
  2. sweep - verb template
  3. proceed - definitions of proceeds
  4. perish - homophone, related terms (parish; perishable)
  5. suspicion - adjective or other forms of this word?
  6. echo - verb forms and definition
  7. fulfill - verb forms template
  8. swing - cleanup and verb forms


  1. anachronous



en.wikipedia (w:wikpedia|display): Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

fr.wikipedia (w:fr:wikipedia|display): Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.