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Favourite entries I've created, added or cited
Title Language Comment
why oh why English why oh why wasn't there an entry for this already?
Watford Gap English Where the North begins, according to the South.
never fight a land war in Asia English Always good advice.
GUBU English (Ireland) A word with a grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecedented etymology.
English disease English At least a dozen senses, and easily a dozen more nonce senses that don't have 3 citations.
boardsman English Seven senses so far – I bet there's at least ten Up to eleven
♥-lich German Currently the only entry in Category:German terms spelled with ♥
for England English (UK) Inspired by this post at "separated by a common language"
on the English (AAVE) How many mics do we rip on the daily?
Lawsonize English (US) A flash-in-the-pan topical term from the turn of the 20th century.
Tarbellize English (US) Ditto - I've no doubt there are many more obscure -ize neologisms out there.
who's on first English (US) Good question.
Givebox German A classic example of the German love of smashing English words together.
FAB/F.A.B. English (UK) A fabulous word
bloodscape English Originally found in The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson. The site "Stephen R. Donaldson ate my dictionary" might actually be a good source for citing obscure words.
lithobraking English Very fancy synonym for splat
knit yoghurt English (UK) and its whole family of related terms, yoghurt knitter, yoghurt-knitting, lentil weaver, lentil-weaving...
wunch English (UK) Always satisfying to create and cite a page that's been deleted three times.
Yorkshire caviar English (UK) It's delicious!
comerlongerme English (UK) Apparently at one time, this was the word to use to mark a character as a stereotypical copper.
over-unity English How quack inventors try to get around rules banning patents on perpetual motion machines.
pyramidiot English And another pseudoscience. I love the faux-naïve etymology.
to the manor born English An eggcorn that has taken on a life of its own
Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells English (UK) Great internal pluralisation
plain Dunstable English (UK, probably mostly Bedfordshire) Another old, old bit of slang
will-they-won't-they English Is it ever "they won't"?
flashman English Tried and failed to cite the "bully" sense, ended up finding four other senses instead.
sodcast English (UK) Lovely blend
pope English In the process of saving the pope fish and two pope birds from RFV, found a third pope bird. Failed to cite the bullfinch sense, despite finding one tantalizing hit.
all Sir Garnet English (UK) Sir Garnet was, incidentally, the original model of the modern Major-General.
builder's English (UK) It's always fun to add entries for possessives.
ooh, matron English (UK) Would the US translation be Hello, Nurse?
Trabant German (and also English) Some very telling inflection differences between the noun and the proper noun.
extemporanea English From one of the greats
inexuperable English Discovered by accident when exuperable failed RFV
naughty step English A phrase forever associated in my head with Private Eye's favourite picture of Michael Gove.
exotic cheroots English (UK) Speaking of Private Eye...
shurely shome mishtake English (UK) ...and another...
Inspector Knacker English (UK) ...and another...
Colemanballs English (UK) ...and another...
Brenda English (UK) ...and another...
Bufton Tufton English (UK) ...and another...
discuss Uganda English (UK) ...and another (which also gives us sexual as a synonym of Ugandan. Sorry to all Ugandans!)
Cameroon English (UK) Ditto, sorry to all Cameroonians for Etymology 2.
und, und, und German I wish and, and, and was proper English...
tickle the dragon's tail English Not a good idea in any sense.
Fred Karno's army English (UK) Growing up, I heard the phrase "Karno's army" a lot, but it was surprisingly hard to cite
auf Wiederschauen, auf Wiedertreffen German Sadly, I couldn't find auf Wiedergucken
dandelion and burdock English Delicious
socarrat Catalan (and Spanish) Mostly I was just happy to learn that my paella is meant to turn out like that.
Schrödinger's English Another includable possessive
Bummelbahn German Another very useful term
shower tea English (Aussie) Tea in the shower? That's what I thought, until it appeared at Tea Room
Daniel Lambert English One of very few entries featuring both first name and surname of an individual (weirdly, Abraham Lincoln is another)
Darth Vader English (UK) Not the interstellar warlord, the train
इसरो Hindi It's a Hindi acronym, but of an English term
Araucarian English (UK) Given that we already had Ximenean, I thought we should even the score.
Partridgean English (UK) A-ha!
pram face English (UK) Even words I detest have to be in the dictionary...
trades unions English (UK) One of the more ridiculous prescriptivist plurals...
not your father's English This is, after all, not your father's dictionary (unless your dad is a Wiktionary editor, in which case I apologise)
omnishambles English (UK) One piece of then-topical political slang...
kitchen supper English ...and another
-punk English When will wikipunk become a genre?