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Usonian +‎ -ism


Usonianism (uncountable)

  1. (rare) A custom, idea, or practice peculiar to the United States; a preference for the USA and the ideas it represents.
    • 1995, Bruce-Novoa, “Through the Eye of the Condor: The Limitless Horizons of Literary Space”, in María Duke dos Santos, Patricia De la Fuente, editor, Sabine R. Ulibarrí, page 98:
      That Ulibarri sees the Ecuadorean Indian as too burdened by a tradition of dehumanizing servitude is perhaps more revealing of his deep-seated Usonianism than of the Indians' real character.
    • 2003, José F. Buscaglia-Salgado, Undoing Empire: Race and Nation in the Mulatto Caribbean, page 22:
      Already in the early process of developing a Usonian nationalist ideology, or Usonianism, []
  2. (rare) The philosophical ideal of Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian architecture
    • 1979, American Society for Environmental History, Environmental Review, page 21:
      Broadacres was the ultimate landscape combining the best of the cities and the country, organicism, decentralization and usonianism.
    • 2002, April 15, “Frank Lloyd Wright's "Usonianism" Will Be Explored in Talk Sponsored by UB Art History Department”, in NewsCenter, State University of New York at Buffalo:
      "Usonianism," an architectural style that articulated Frank Lloyd Wright's social and economic principles of "usonian democracy," []
    • ca 2008, Colorado Historical Society, Nomination of the Nelson House to the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties:
      Architect Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered Usonianism as the path to affordable modern residential architecture.


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