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Etymology 1[edit]

From the surname of English author H. G. Wells, plus the suffix -ean, which forms adjectives from proper names.


Wellsean (comparative more Wellsean, superlative most Wellsean)

  1. Of or pertaining to, characteristic of, associated with, or suggestive of H. G. Wells, an English writer.
    • 1916, John Freeman, “H. G. Wells”, in The Moderns, page 93:
      The extension of such a rigid word as morality, until it includes its own contradictions, is typically Wellsean.
    • 2017, Annette Magid, Quintessentially Wilde, page 238:
      In this way, Wilde develops a Wellsean utopian scheme to “better the interplay”: a scheme to recover the connection between the self and others, allowing individuals to counter aestheticism’s drive to wholeness and to grow and change as art does.


Wellsean (plural Wellseans)

  1. An admirer of H. G. Wells.
  2. One who writes in the manner or style of H. G. Wells, or whose writing treats topics associated with Wells.
    • 1988, Kingsley Widmer, Counterings: Utopian Dialectics in Contemporary Contexts, page 42:
      Post-Wellseans have sometimes made the alternatives more concurrent. Herbert Read in The Green Child (1935) presented as simultaneous in time two contrasting utopias

Etymology 2[edit]

From the surname of chemist A. F. Wells, plus the suffix -ean, which forms adjectives from proper names.



  1. (chemistry, mathematics) Having a structure within which both polygonality and connectivity are fractional.
    • 2002, Michael J. Bucknum, “Jubilite: A 4-,8-Connected Cubic Structural Pattern in Space Group Pm3”, in Chemistry Preprint Archive[1], page 138:
      The unit cell contains a single 8-connected cube-centered vertex, six 4-connected distorted square planar vertices and eight 4-connected distorted tetrahedral vertices. It is a Wellsean structure with a Wells point symbol given by (468)(48)(48) and a Schläfli symbol of (5, 4.2667).