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The Greek conjugation templates are undergoing development during 2018
Please do not use the old series (el-conj-xxxx) or the new ones (el-conjug-xxxx)
until this process is complete
for information please contact Saltmarsh or Sarri.greek


The old series of verb inflection-table templates with names beginning "el-conj-" was started in 2013. The new series, names starting "el-conjug-", was started in the Spring of 2018 with the object of avoiding some mistakes and omissions of the old templates.

The old series has separate active and passive tables, the new one combines them as appropriate. It is intended that the old will be replaced by the new. For this reason editors are requested not to use either series until the new ones are stable, when the green boxes will be removed from the tops of pages. Continuing to use the old templates will increase the task of the later transfer.


There is a 'complete' list of Parameters.