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these templates are also listed at: Category:Greek verb inflection-table templates (new)


  • This new series has names prefixed with "el-conjug-" was started in the Spring of 2018 and is currently (Spring 2019) still being developed.
  • It is hoped that some of the mistakes and omissions of the old templates, prefixed "el-conj-" will be avoided.
  • Use of templates should be avoided until their stability is certain.
  • Each templates will be documented with an example and a list of parameters.
  • Wiktionary:Greek verb inflection-table templates/Parameters has a comprehensive list parameters.


These templates are listed in the category Greek verb inflection-table templates (new) together with any new ones not listed below and a number of custom templates for individual verbs.

 Templates for first conjugation verbs
{{el-conjug-1st}} Type 1 verbs with both voices, and imperfective & perfective aspects  ορίζω 
{{el-conjug-1st-act}} Type 1 verbs with absent passive voice (except the passive perfect participle)  καθίζω 
{{el-conjug-1st-pass}} Type 1 verbs with only the passive voice  αισθάνομαι 
{{el-conjug-1st-imperfective}} Type 1 verbs with imperfective forms of both voices  διαπνέω 
{{el-conjug-1st-act-imperfective}} Type 1 verbs — imperfective forms in the active voice  ανήκω 
{{el-conjug-1st-pass-imperfective}} Type 1 verbs — imperfective forms in the passive voice  απεχθάνομαι 
 Templates for second conjugation verbs
{{el-conjug-2nd-A-άω-ώ}} For Type 2A verbs with both voices and aspects  αγαπάω , αγαπώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-A-άω-ώ-act}} For Type 2A verbs with active voice and both aspects  ξεκινάω , ξεκινώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-A-άω-ώ-act-imperfective}} For Type 2A verbs with active voice and imperfective aspect  χρωστάω , χρωστώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-A-άω-ώ-pass}} For Type 2A verbs with passive voice and both aspects  χασμουριέμαι 
{{el-conjug-2nd-A-ώ}} Type 2A verbs which lack -άω forms  αποσπώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-B}} For Type 2B verbs with both voices and aspects  ασκώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-B-'αδικώ'}} Type 2B verbs with one passive in -ούμαι and a second in -ιέμαι  αδικώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-B-'θεωρώ'}} Type 2B verbs with learned forms  θεωρώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-B-'-ποιώ'}} Type B verbs suffixed with -ποιώ, with varied passive forms  κακοποιώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-B-'-ποιούμαι'}} Type 2B deponent verbs suffixed with -ποιούμαι and with varied passive forms.  περιποιούμαι 
{{el-conjug-2nd-B-act}} Type 2B verbs — active voice  απορώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-B-pass}} Type 2B verbs — passive voice  ηγούμαι 
{{el-conjug-2nd-AB}} Verbs combining Types 2A & 2B  ζητάω , ζητώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-AB-act}} Verbs combining Types 2A & 2B, with absent passive voice  προχωράω , προχωρώ 
{{el-conjug-2nd-BA}} Verbs combining Type 2B & 2A  λησμονώ , λησμονάω 
 Miscellaneous templates
{{el-conjug-gen-1}} For a single tense table of unspecified tense, etc  άγχομαι 

 Templates used internally to format tables
{{el-conjug-table}} {{el-conjug-table-imperfective}}
{{el-conjug-table-act}} {{el-conjug-table-act-imperfective}}
{{el-conjug-table-pass}} {{el-conjug-table-pass-imperfective}}
 More internal templates used to manipulate data
{{el-conjug-sub1}} {{el-conjug-sub4}}
{{el-conjug-sub2}} {{el-conjug-sub5}}
{{el-conjug-sub3}} {{el-conjug-subcat}}