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Word of the day
for January 13
clad adj
  1. Of a person: wearing clothing or some other covering (for example, armour) on the body; clothed, dressed; with a descriptive word: wearing clothing of a specified type.
  2. Of an object (often in compounds): covered, enveloped in, or surrounded by a cladding, or a specified material or substance.
  3. (figuratively) Adorned, ornamented.

clad v

  1. (archaic, literary or obsolete, past tense clad) To clothe, to dress.
  2. (past tense clad or cladded) To cover with a cladding or another material (for example, insulation); (figuratively) to envelop, to surround.
  3. (figuratively, past tense clad) To imbue (with a specified quality).
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