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From Old High German wunta, from Proto-Germanic *wundō ‎(a wound), from *wundaz ‎(wounded), from Proto-Indo-European *wan-, *awa(n)-. Compare Low German Wunn, Dutch wond, English wound, Icelandic und.


Wunde f ‎(genitive Wunde, plural Wunden)

  1. sore, wound
    1882 Amfortas! Die Wunde! Die Wunde! Sie brennt mir hier zur Seite! O, Klage! Klage! Furchtbare Klage! — Richard Wagner, Parsifal, Zweiter Aufzug.
    (Amfortas! The wound! The wound! It burns me here to the side! O, complaint! Complaint! Terrible complaint! — Richard Wagner, Parsifal, Act 2.)

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