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Zion +‎ -ism


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Zionism (countable and uncountable, plural Zionisms)

  1. (politics) Jewish nationalism, the movement which supported first the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland and now supports the continuation of a Jewish state in Israel.
    • 1996, Gal Allon, Allon Gal, Jerold S. Auerbach, Envisioning Israel: The Changing Ideals and Images of North American Jews, page 151:
      These investigations indicate that although a large proportion of American Jews call themselves Zionists, their meanings of Zionism are closer to what some investigators have called pro-Israelism. According to the still common Israeli definition of a Zionist as one who views the Diaspora negatively and considers the settlement of Jews in Israel as essential, the vast majority of American Jews would not be considered Zionists.
  2. A religion practiced throughout sub-Saharan Africa and most popular in Swaziland, consisting of a mixture of Protestantism and animism.
  3. A Christian eschatological concept that links the migration of Jews to Palestine with apocalyptic events.


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