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Zion +‎ -ist


Zionist (plural Zionists)

  1. An advocate of Zionism.
    • 1995, Stephen M. Cohen, “Jewish Continuity Over Jewish Context”, in Robert Seltzer, Norman S. Cohen, editors, The Americanization of the Jews, page 405:
      More than those who are merely pro-Israel, Zionists (1) see contemporary Israeli society as presenting a challenge to their Jewish life in the Diaspora; (2) believe Israel offers a greater chance of a fulfilling and secure Jewish life; and (3) are confronted with the possibility of settling in Israel and attracted to it. Thus, while most American Jews are pro-Israel, far fewer are Zionists in the classical sense.
    • 1996, Gal Allon, Allon Gal, Jerold S. Auerbach, Envisioning Israel: The Changing Ideals and Images of North American Jews, page 151:
      These investigations indicate that although a large proportion of American Jews call themselves Zionists, their meanings of Zionism are closer to what some investigators have called pro-Israelism. According to the still common Israeli definition of a Zionist as one who views the Diaspora negatively and considers the settlement of Jews in Israel as essential, the vast majority of American Jews would not be considered Zionists.
    • 2019 July 15, Greg Afinogenov, “The Jewish Case for Open Borders”, in Jewish Currents[1], number Summer 2019:
      Most Zionists hoped for a state of their own, but early in the 20th century, writers like Hillel Solotaroff and Chaim Zhitlowsky, both Yiddish-speaking immigrant intellectuals in New York, imagined another alternative: a federation of self-governing anarchist communes in Palestine that would defend Jewish life without relying on state power.


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Zionist (comparative more Zionist, superlative most Zionist)

  1. Of or relating to Zionism.
    Synonym: Zionistic
  2. Of or relating to a Zionist or Zionists.




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Zionist m (weak, genitive Zionisten, plural Zionisten, feminine Zionistin)

  1. Zionist (male or of unspecified gender)


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