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acurrucar (first-person singular present acurruco, first-person singular preterite acurruqué, past participle acurrucado)

  1. (reflexive) to curl up because of the cold
  2. (reciprocative) to snuggle
    Los dos se acurrucaron en la cama. - Both of them snuggled on the bed.
  3. (transitive, colloquial, El Salvador) to make somebody squat
    Los acurruqué para que se estuvieran quietos. - I made them squat so they'd stay there (without running around)
    Estar acurrucado - to be squatting
    Estoy acurrucada porque estoy cansada. - I'm squatting because I'm tired.
  4. (reflexive, colloquial, El Salvador) to squat
    Se acurrucó para esperarlo. - He squatted to wait for him.


  • c becomes qu before e.

Related terms[edit]