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From ad- (near, at; towards, to) +‎ aquor (bring or fetch drinking water).



adaquō (present infinitive adaquāre, perfect active adaquāvī, supine adaquātum); first conjugation

  1. (transitive) I bring or supply water to, give to drink.


   Conjugation of adaquo (first conjugation)
indicative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present adaquō adaquās adaquat adaquāmus adaquātis adaquant
imperfect adaquābam adaquābās adaquābat adaquābāmus adaquābātis adaquābant
future adaquābō adaquābis adaquābit adaquābimus adaquābitis adaquābunt
perfect adaquāvī adaquāvistī adaquāvit adaquāvimus adaquāvistis adaquāvērunt, adaquāvēre
pluperfect adaquāveram adaquāverās adaquāverat adaquāverāmus adaquāverātis adaquāverant
future perfect adaquāverō adaquāveris adaquāverit adaquāverimus adaquāveritis adaquāverint
passive present adaquor adaquāris, adaquāre adaquātur adaquāmur adaquāminī adaquantur
imperfect adaquābar adaquābāris, adaquābāre adaquābātur adaquābāmur adaquābāminī adaquābantur
future adaquābor adaquāberis, adaquābere adaquābitur adaquābimur adaquābiminī adaquābuntur
perfect adaquātus + present active indicative of sum
pluperfect adaquātus + imperfect active indicative of sum
future perfect adaquātus + future active indicative of sum
subjunctive singular plural
first second third first second third
active present adaquem adaquēs adaquet adaquēmus adaquētis adaquent
imperfect adaquārem adaquārēs adaquāret adaquārēmus adaquārētis adaquārent
perfect adaquāverim adaquāverīs adaquāverit adaquāverīmus adaquāverītis adaquāverint
pluperfect adaquāvissem adaquāvissēs adaquāvisset adaquāvissēmus adaquāvissētis adaquāvissent
passive present adaquer adaquēris, adaquēre adaquētur adaquēmur adaquēminī adaquentur
imperfect adaquārer adaquārēris, adaquārēre adaquārētur adaquārēmur adaquārēminī adaquārentur
perfect adaquātus + present active subjunctive of sum
pluperfect adaquātus + imperfect active subjunctive of sum
imperative singular plural
first second third first second third
active present adaquā adaquāte
future adaquātō adaquātō adaquātōte adaquantō
passive present adaquāre adaquāminī
future adaquātor adaquātor adaquantor
non-finite forms active passive
present perfect future present perfect future
infinitives adaquāre adaquāvisse adaquātūrus esse adaquārī adaquātus esse adaquātum īrī
participles adaquāns adaquātūrus adaquātus adaquandus
verbal nouns gerund supine
nominative genitive dative/ablative accusative accusative ablative
adaquāre adaquandī adaquandō adaquandum adaquātum adaquātū

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