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address +‎ -ee



addressee (plural addressees)

  1. The person or organization to which something, such as a letter or message, is addressed or sent, for whom the item is intended.
    Synonym: recipient
  2. (linguistics) A person or entity to whom discourse is directed, or the words referring to such an entity.
    • 1988, Andrew Radford, chapter 6, in Transformational grammar: a first course, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, page 305:
      Person is a grammatical property which is overtly manifested in so-called Personal Pronouns: forms which include the speaker (I/we) are said to be ‘first personʼ Pronouns; forms which include the addressee (you) and not the speaker are said to be ‘second personʼ Pronouns; while forms which exclude both speaker and addressee (he/she/it/they) are ‘third personʼ Pronouns.

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