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From Old Galician and Old Portuguese aguillar (13th century, Cantigas de Santa Maria), ultimately from Latin aculeus (sting). Cognate with Portuguese aguilhar and Spanish aguijar.



aguillar (first-person singular present aguillo, first-person singular preterite aguillei, past participle aguillado)

  1. to goad; to spur
    Synonyms: aguilloar, tanguer
  2. to spur; to charge
    • c1350, K. M. Parker (ed.), Historia Troyana. Santiago: Instituto "Padre Sarmiento", page 352:
      Sabede que por nẽgũa maneyra nõ lles podiamos escapar nẽ fogir, que tãto aguillarõ que nos alcãçarõ moyto agiña
      You should know that in no way were we able to run away or flee from them, because so they spurred that reached us in no time
    Synonyms: aguilloar, esporear
  3. to incite
    Synonyms: aguilloar, atouzar, esporear


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