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From Old Portuguese aleiman, from Latin Alamannus, from Proto-Germanic *Alamann-. Doublet of alamano.


  • Hyphenation: a‧le‧mão


alemão (feminine alemã, masculine plural alemães, feminine plural alemãs, not comparable)

  1. German (of or relating to Germany)
  2. Germanic (of, belonging or relating to the German language)
  3. Germanic (relating or belonging the Germanic ethnicity)
    Synonyms: germano, germânico
  4. (Brazil, slang) blond and fair-skinned

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alemão m (plural alemães, feminine alemã, feminine plural alemãs)

  1. German (person from Germany)
  2. German (person of German ancestry)
  3. (Brazil, slang) a person with blond hair and fair skin
    Synonyms: (Northeast Brazil, Florianópolis, slang) galego, (Paraná, slang) polaco
  4. (chiefly criminal slang) cop (police officer)
    Synonym: (slang) coxinha


alemão m (uncountable)

  1. German (Germanic language spoken mostly in Central Europe)

Usage notes[edit]

  • (person of German ancestry): in Brazil, this typically includes descendants of Germanic immigrants from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • (German language): in South Brazil, this may mean Hunsrik in reference to local speakers; in other circumstances, it typically refers to High German
  • alemoa is an informal feminine used by some speakers in Brazil

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