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annihilation +‎ -ist


annihilationist (plural annihilationists)

  1. A person who believes in annihilationism: that eternal punishment is the annihilation of both the body and the soul.
  2. A person who advocates or practices annihilationism (the annihilation of a group): an eliminationist.



annihilationist (comparative more annihilationist, superlative most annihilationist)

  1. Advocating annihilationism; advocating the annihilation of a group of people.
    Synonym: eliminationist
    • 2010, Elhanan Yakira, Post-Zionism, Post-Holocaust: Three Essays, →ISBN, page 36:
      This negation has sometimes been no less “annihilationist” than classical anti-Semitism, because, at least potentially, it serves to justify the elimination of the State of Israel.
    • 2014, Waitman Wade Beorn, Marching into Darkness, →ISBN:
      At times, though, his more economic approach to Jewish policy conflicted with the more annihilationist bent of the SS.