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Borrowed from Italian antipatico.


antipatico (comparative more antipatico, superlative most antipatico)

  1. (of people or situations) Unpleasant, odious, unsympathetic, harsh, (of person) crabby.
    Antonym: simpatico
    • 1852, Michael Burke Honan, The Personal Adventures of "Our Own Correspondent" in Italy, page 56:
      I must say, even for my own part, that however much I respected German superiority, I thought it a cruel dispensation for the gay-hearted Italian to be made subject to a power so antipatico to him, and it is only the bad use which the Italian made of his transient gleam of liberty, that reconciles me now to the presence of a foreign force.
    • 1909, Ruth Little Mason, The Trailers: a Novel, Fleming H. Revell Company, page 221:
      They are all business and brusqueness, and they bore us, and are antipatico.
    • 1994 July 27, Maggie Brown, The Independent[1]:
      I can hardly turn on the telly without being confronted by your antipatico manner.




From antipatia +‎ -ico.


  • IPA(key): /an.tiˈpa.ti.ko/
  • Rhymes: -atiko
  • Hyphenation: an‧ti‧pà‧ti‧co


antipatico (feminine antipatica, masculine plural antipatici, feminine plural antipatiche)

  1. unpleasant, odious, unsympathetic, harsh, (of person) crabby (of people or situations)
    Synonyms: spiacevole, sgradevole
    Antonym: simpatico

Derived terms[edit]


antipatico m (plural antipatici, feminine antipatica)

  1. unpleasant person, odious person, unsympathetic person, harsh person, crabby person
    Antonym: simpatico

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  • IPA(key): /antiˈpatiko/ [ãn̪.t̪iˈpa.t̪i.ko]
  • Rhymes: -atiko
  • Syllabification: an‧ti‧pa‧ti‧co


antipatico (feminine antipatica, masculine plural antipaticos, feminine plural antipaticas)

  1. Misspelling of antipático.