apple sauce

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Apple sauce

Alternative forms[edit]


apple sauce ‎(uncountable)

  1. (Britain) A food prepared by pureeing cooked apples.
  2. (slang, dated) Alternative spelling of applesauce (nonsense, balderdash, bunk, piffle).
    • 1960, P[elham] G[renville] Wodehouse, “chapter VI and XXI”, in Jeeves in the Offing, London: Herbert Jenkins, OCLC 1227855:
      I forget how the subject arose, but I remember Jeeves once saying that sleep knits up the ravelled sleave of care. Balm of hurt minds, he described it as. The idea being, I took it, that if things are getting sticky, they tend to seem less glutinous after you've had your eight hours. Apple sauce, in my opinion. It seldom pans out that way with me, and it didn't now. I had retired to rest taking a dim view of the current situation at Brinkley Court and opening my eyes to a new day, as the expression is, I found myself taking an even dimmer.
      “You mean that I am now labelled not only as a loony in a general sort of way but also as a klept-whatever-it-is?” “Merely to your immediate circle now resident at Brinkley Court, sir.” “You keep saying that, and you must know it's the purest apple sauce. You don't really think the Creams will maintain a tactful reserve? They'll dine out on it for years. Returning to America, they'll spread the story from the rock-bound coasts of Maine to the Everglades of Florida, with the result that when I go over there again, keen looks will be shot at me at every house I go into and spoons counted before I leave.”