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apprentice +‎ -ship


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apprenticeship (plural apprenticeships)

  1. The condition of, or the time served by, an apprentice.
  2. The system by which a person learning a craft or trade is instructed by a master for a set time under set conditions.
    • 1837, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Ethel Churchill, volume 1, page 41:
      There, however, he had disappointed expectation. In sooth, his genius was of too creative an order for the apprenticeship of learning; he needed life in its hopes, its fears, its endurance; all that the poet learns to reproduce.
    • 1942 July-August, T. F. Cameron, “How the Staff of a Railway is Recruited”, in Railway Magazine, page 206:
      Entry to shop grades is by apprenticeship, boys bring taken as apprentices on leaving school.

Derived terms[edit]