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Etymology 1[edit]

See atom.


atomy (plural atomies)

  1. A floating mote or speck of dust.
    • 1595 Gervase Markham, The most Honourable Tragedy of Sir Richard Grenville
      Thicker then in sunne are Atomies,
      Flew bullets.
    • 1599 Wm. Shakespeare, As You Like It, 3.v
      That eyes, that are the frail'st and softest things
      Who shut their coward gates on atomies
      Should be call'd tyrants, butchers, murderers!

Etymology 2[edit]

A metanalysis (false splitting) of anatomy as an atomy.


atomy (plural atomies)

  1. (archaic) a skeleton
    • 1786, Dr. Smollett, The History and Adventures of an Atom, Harrison and Co., page 5,
      I was now thrown into a violent perturbation of spirit; for I never could behold an atomy without fear and trembling, even when I knew it was no more than a competition of dry bone.



atomy m

  1. nominative plural of atom
  2. accusative plural of atom
  3. vocative plural of atom