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Apparently from the same stem as its intransitive counterpart augt ‎(to grow).




audzēt tr., 2nd conj., pres. audzēju, audzē, audzē, past audzēju

  1. to grow, to raise (to bring up animals, to cultivate plant; to take care (of an animal, plant) so that it grows)
    audzēt labību — to grow cereals
    audzēt tomātus siltumnīcā — to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse
    audzēt zivis dīķī — to raise fish in a pond
    audzēt mājputnus, mājlopus — to raise poultry, livestock
    kam puķu vajag, lai stāda pats un lai audzē — who needs a flower, let him plant it and grow, cultivate it
  2. (o hair, nails) to grow, to allow to grow
    audzēt garus matus, bārdu, ūsas — to grow long hair, a beard, a mustache
  3. (poetic) to cultivate, to cause to be and develop
    audzēt naidu sirdī — to cultivate hatred in (one's) heart
    mēness ar savu bālumu prot tik audzēt sāpīgu mīlu — the moon with its paleness is capable of cultivating (= causing) such painful love


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