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From augša (top, upper part) +‎ -up.




  1. up, upward
    kāpt augšup — to climb up
    skātities augšup — to look up
    lidot augšup — to fly up
    skriet pa kāpnēm augšup — to run up the stairs
  2. (of rivers) up, upstream, towards the headwaters
    braukt augšup pa upi — to travel upstream on the river
    upe, pa kuras straumi augšup un lejup peldēja lieli kuģi — a river on the stream of which big ships went up and down
  3. (of the sky) up (toward the zenith)
    pie zilām, skaidrām debesīm iet saule augšup — the sun goes up the blue, clear sky
    pamalē lien augšup mēness — at the horizon, the moon crawls up
  4. (of events, activities, life) up, upward (making progress, developing)
    strauja, priecīga un bagāta ir mūsu tautas dzīve; tā vienmēr iet augšup — fast, happy and rich is the life of our people; it is always going up
    pagāja daži gadi; dzīve cēlās augšup un augšup — several years passed; life rose up and up