awesome sauce

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Alternative forms[edit]


awesome +‎ sauce Possibly originated in this Strong Bad cartoon.

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awesome sauce ‎(uncountable)

  1. Used other than as an idiom: see awesome,‎ sauce.
    • 2005, Cary Neff, Conscious Cuisine, page 242
      The combination of spices and seasonings creates an awesome sauce or marinade for chicken, seafood, and beef.
  2. (Internet slang) The essence of awesomeness.
    • 2009 March 11, Odd Austin, “Odd News for Odd People- An Odd Austin Update 3/11/09”, in , Usenet[1]:
      So I am quite proud of us, I think it was a great show, every band was pure concentrated awesome sauce!
    • 2010, P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast, Burned, page 39:
      He was, as my BFF Kayla would say, "a hottie covered with awesome sauce.
  3. (Internet slang) Something which is awesome, cool or spectacular.
    • 2009 May 7,, “Threading, background loading”, in openmw, Usenet[2]:
      The idea is solid awesome sauce, I just don't see it as a feasible undertaking for this project at this point in time.
    • 2008 July 7, Justin Bozonier, “Building Together”, in altnetseattle, Usenet[3]:
      Jeff this is serious awesome sauce. You get my vote if you can make this happen.
    • 2011 March 17, Daniel J. Goor, “Harvest Festival”, Parks and Recreation, Season 3, Episode 7:
      April: Hey, I love you.
      Andy: Dude, shut up! That is awesome sauce!