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From Proto-Mon-Khmer *t‹p›inʔ, an infixed form of *tinʔ (to go/come up), from which also đến.



bến (𡔖, 𤅶, 𥘂)

  1. a station (place where a vehicle may stop)
    Bến xe Miền ĐôngMien Dong Coach Station
  2. a port or a wharf

Usage notes[edit]

  • On land, large bến, such as Ho Chi Minh City's Mien Dong Coach Station, are stations where coaches and coach-vans used for inter-province travel can also park. Smaller bến are only specialized for numbered buses, carts and autorickshaws used for in-province travel or commute.
  • Compare ga (train station).

Derived terms[edit]