babbitt metal

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babbitt metal (plural babbitt metals)

  1. Synonym of babbitt
    • 1911, “Testing Babbitt Metals”, in The International Steam Engineer, volume 19, page 400:
      An elaborate test of six samples of babbitt metals was recently made in England by a Professor of Engineering, assisted by a metallurgist, which was published by a prominent engineering journal occupying six columns with charts, tables and photographs.
    • 1919 May, “Something Interesting in Babbitt”, in The Brass World and Platers Guide, volume 15, page 164:
      At a recent meeting of purchasing agents in St. Louis there was an address delivered by Alfred A. Greene, of the National Lead Co., on babbitt metal.
    • 1995 October, American Woodworker, page 51:
      Always use this "virgin" babbitt metal for high-speed shafts — those that spin at more than 2,000 rpm, such as cutter- heads on jointers and planers. Old babbitt metal, which may have been adulterated with lead, can be melted and repoured for less critical, low-speed shafts like countershafts and bandsaw arbors.