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Alternative forms[edit]


back +‎ story


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backstory (plural backstories)

  1. The previous life and experiences of a person, especially a character in a dramatic work, but also a real-life person.
    • 2017 December 27, “The Guardian view on Prince Harry: the monarchy’s best insurance policy”, in the Guardian[1]:
      Prince Harry may yet turn out to be the crown’s best insurance policy. By marrying Meghan Markle, he is linking royalty with a 21st-century celebrity who has a backstory that many people in Britain can identify with.
    • 2004 January 16, Kelly Kleiman, “Her Side of the Story”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      These backstories cast the characters' behavior in a new light: of course Gertrude would promptly marry the man who saved her from abuse; of course Ophelia would be desperate and indiscreet in seeking Hamlet's love.
  2. A fictitious account of a person's history designed to conceal their actual history and motives; a cover story.
  3. A prequel.