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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English bedoven, from Old English bedofen, past particle of Old English bedūfan (to bedive, to put under, immerse, submerge, drown), equivalent to be- +‎ dive. Cognate with Middle Low German bedöven (immersed).


bedoven (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) drenched.
    • Alle hir body..semyd be dowen in blood — Life of Saint Christina Mirabilis of Saint Trudons (All her body seemed bedoven in blood.)
    • The wind made wave the red weed on the dike. Bedoven in dank deep was every sike. — A Scotch Winter Evening in 1512
    • 2015, LT Wolf, The World King (fiction), ebook edition, ISBN 978-1-312-37454-6:
      The words were unneeded as a woman, bedoven in blood and screaming, stumbl'd out from the back of the lead truck into the glaring lights.
    • 2015, LT Wolf, The World King - Book I: The Reckoning:
      [...] Gentlemen, before this is over, we'll be bedoven with mud but the swine will be dead. We shall swallow our foes.”
  2. (obsolete) drowned.