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big up (third-person singular simple present bigs up, present participle bigging up, simple past and past participle bigged up or (rare) big upped)

  1. (Britain, slang, idiomatic) To increase one's muscle mass through exercise.
    He works out every day to big up himself.
  2. (Jamaica, slang, idiomatic) To proclaim or exaggerate the importance of.
    I want to big up my bro on the mic.
    They're trying to big themselves up to be more than they are.
    • 2007, Apple announces new mobile phone, BBC Online, 9 January 2007
      In a keynote speech, attended by over 2,000 people, Steve Jobs spent the first 10 minutes bigging up the move to Intel chips.



big up (plural big ups)

  1. (slang, also big ups) Significant respect or acclaim.
    I want to give a big up to my bro on the mic.


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