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Alternative forms[edit]


From bight +‎ -some, or alteration of Middle English buhsum ‎(obedient, flexible), from Old English *būhsum ‎(bendable, flexible, pliant, obedient), equivalent to bow +‎ -some. Compare also Dutch buigzaam ‎(flexible, pliant), German biegsam ‎(flexible, pliant). See also buxom.


bightsome ‎(comparative more bightsome, superlative most bightsome)

  1. (Britain dialectal) Having an air of ease combined with activity; easy; light; active.
    • 1958, David Daiches, The present age in British literature:
      Lively, louch, atweesh, atween, Auchimuty or aspate, Threidiri through the averins Or bightsome in the aftergait.