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Alternative forms[edit]


Back-formation from bolyh using a rule in Hungarian stem changing.



boholy ‎(plural bolyhok)

  1. nap (a fuzzy surface on fabric), fluff, fuzz
  2. (anatomy) villus (in the intestines)


Inflection (plural in -ok, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative boholy bolyhok
accusative bolyhot bolyhokat
dative bolyhnak bolyhoknak
instrumental bolyhhal bolyhokkal
causal-final bolyhért bolyhokért
translative bolyhhá bolyhokká
terminative bolyhig bolyhokig
essive-formal bolyhként bolyhokként
inessive bolyhban bolyhokban
superessive bolyhon bolyhokon
adessive bolyhnál bolyhoknál
illative bolyhba bolyhokba
sublative bolyhra bolyhokra
allative bolyhhoz bolyhokhoz
elative bolyhból bolyhokból
delative bolyhról bolyhokról
ablative bolyhtól bolyhoktól
Possessive forms of boholy
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. bolyhom bolyhaim
2nd person sing. bolyhod bolyhaid
3rd person sing. bolyha bolyhai
1st person plural bolyhunk bolyhaink
2nd person plural bolyhotok bolyhaitok
3rd person plural bolyhuk bolyhaik

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