bos hout voor de deur

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Literally, “bundle of wood in front of the door”. First used by Wim Sonneveld in 1967. Likely originated as a euphemism. Cf. French livraison de bois devant sa porte, from where the Dutch probably originates.


  • IPA(key): /ˌbɔs ˈɦɑu̯t foːr də ˈdøːr/


bos hout voor de deur m (plural bossen hout voor de deur)

  1. (colloquial, humorous, collective, chiefly singular) (large) breasts
    • 2015, Jochem Myjer, Even Geduld Aub!, written by Jochem Myjer, 1:32:30 from the start:
      Annemiek was het eerste meisje bij ons op school die borstjes had. Dan riepen we als kleine jongetjes: Hee, bos hout voor de deur! Met de kennis van nu waren het eerder twee aanmaakblokjes.
      Annemiek was the first girl in our school to have breasts. Like little boys we yelled: Hey, some big melons! Knowing what we know now, they were more like firelighters.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This noun phrase is, apart from any determiners, usually either preceded by an adjective (e.g. flinke) or followed by a relative clause (e.g. waar je u tegen zegt); both types of modifiers in most cases describe the size or another physical attribute of the breasts.
  • May cause offense when used of people who are present.