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Alternative forms[edit]


boy scout (plural boy scouts)

  1. A male member of the Scout Movement.
  2. (sometimes derogatory) A man adhering to the values of honesty and idealism, and possibly somewhat naive or unworldly.
    • 1982 The Economist, Volume 284, Economist Newspaper Ltd., p24
      An independently rich 52-year-old, he is very much a political boy scout, and has flailed the state Republican party as a cloistered "country club".
    • 1987 October 2, Wall Street Journal,:
      But the bottom line is that Simon is running for president as the boy scout who adheres to traditional liberal policies and solutions.
    • 2003, Roger F. S. Kaplan, Conservative socialism: the decline of radicalism and triumph of the Left in France, Transaction Publishers, page 91:
      Rocard, whose two marriages had failed during his long years as the left's boy scout, was reported to be living with a psychoanalyst.


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