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boyo ‎(plural boyos)

  1. (Ireland) A boy or lad.
  2. (sometimes derogatory (see usage notes)) A stereotypically Welsh form of address for a man (usually younger than the speaker).
    • 1980, Tristan Jones, “Down the Old Kent Road”, in Adrift[1], Sheridan House, Inc, published 1992, ISBN 9780924486302, page 73:
      “Can’t get onboard the boat,” Dai finished for me. “Bloody typical, it is, boyo.”
    • 1995, Peter Ho Davies, “The Ugliest House in the World”, in The Ugliest House in the World: Stories[2], Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, published 2003, ISBN 9780395924808, page 4:
      A taff is a Welshman. Everyone in the doctors’ mess calls me taff or taffy. Mr Swain, the mortuary attendant, calls me boyo, especially during the rugby season when Wales lose badly.
    • 2006, Francis Kerr Young, Hang on a Second![3],, ISBN 9781411657267, page 210:
      “You’re crazy boyo!” Taffy gaped at his shipmate’s rosy cheeks, their hugh brightened by the Canadian blasts. “Now, what in the bloody hell were you doing out there boyo?”

Usage notes[edit]

(form of address for a man): When used to address a Welshman by a non-Welshman this can be (perceived as) derogatory or patronising; use by obviously Welsh people to anyone is rarely derogatory but may still be patronising, especially if used to address someone older than oneself.




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boyo m ‎(Latin spelling)

  1. a stuffed salted pastry

Derived terms[edit]