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brake +‎ -s- +‎ -man


brakesman (plural brakesmen)

  1. Someone who operates the winch in a mine.
  2. A brakeman; a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes, couplings etc.
    • 1863, William Pittenger, Daring and Suffering=[1]:
      Leisurely we moved forward--reached the head of the train--then Andrews, Brown our engineer, and Knight, who also could run an engine, leaped on the locomotive; Alfred Wilson took the top of the cars as brakesman, and the remainder of us clambered into the foremost baggage car, which, with two others, had been previously uncoupled from the hinder part of the train.
    • 1872, William Still, The Underground Railroad[2]:
      And some time after becoming naturalized, in one of his letters, he wrote that he was a brakesman on the Great Western R.R., (in Canada--promoted from the U.G.R.R.,) the result of being under the protection of the British Lion.
    • 1921, R.G. MacBeth, Policing the Plains[3]:
      The young man on the ranch later said he was tenant in charge of the place for Mitchell Robertson, who owned it, but who was then working on the train as a brakesman out of Calgary.