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Alternative forms[edit]


bull bar ‎(plural bull bars)

  1. (chiefly Australia, New Zealand) A welded framework of metal bars at a vehicle's front, designed to protect it during collisions with animals, but often purchased as a fashion accessory.
    • 2003 October, Cliff Gromer (article editor), GreatStuff, Popular Mechanics, page 120,
      Bull bars give your SUV a macho look, as well as add protection and versatility. ARB's bull bars for the Jeep Liberty offer all of the above, with added features that include Hi-Lift jacking points, auxiliary driving-light mounts, a provision for relocating the factory foglights and accommodation for Warn winches.
    • 2010, Gary Hatcher, You Probably Have Parkinson Disease, page 129,
      I got the job of buying the after-market products, such as the bull bar and tow bar, so Ruth and I set out for ARB, the 4X4 shop at Caboolture.
    • 2011, Ralph Hosier, Land Rover Discovery, Defender & Range Rover: How to Modify for High Performance & Serious Off-Road Action, page 61,
      Front protection bars, known as bull bars, brush bars, roo bars, and even nerf or nudge bars are probably the most contentious piece of equipment that can be fitted to a car. In some countries they are banned outright. [] In some countries where risk of damage is very high, bull bars are considered essential safety equipment.