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butcher boy (plural butcher boys)

  1. (predominantly Australia) A woodlouse, any of various terrestrial crustaceans of the suborder Oniscidea.
    • 2006 October 17, Rivetting, “Butcher Boy/Pill Bug/Rolly Polly”, in Have you been Rivetted?[1]:
      Today I stood on a butcher boy. He died. I feel bad.
    • 2018 June 25, “Pillbugs”, in Niles Biological, Inc.[2]:
      Common names for woodlice vary throughout the English-speaking world. They include roly-poly, pill bug (usually applied only to the genus Armadillidium), sow bug, [] butcher boy, daddy gramfer / daddy gampfer (West Country), Granny Grey (South Wales), cheesybug (Kent), and cheeselog.
  2. A man or boy who works for a butcher shop; a butcher's boy.
    • 1839, Thomas Webber, Bob Malton and the Butcher Boy[3], page 6:
      Bob prick’d his lug and scratch’d his pate / For he was flushed with joy, / To think that he should be revenge’d / Upon the Butcher Boy.
  3. (uncommon, slang, euphemistic) A male prostitute.
    • 1997, Ellis Hanson, “The Dialectic of Shame and Grace”, in Decadence and Catholicism, OCLC 185402090, page 81:
      He had clearly become a satyr once again, as evidenced by the rosy-faced butcher-boy that Moore met upon visiting him. The word butcher-boy was, like telegraph-boy, a euphemism for a male prostitute
  4. (US, baseball) Batting at a pitch with a short swing from a bunt position; a slash, a slug bunt.
    • 2018 June 26 (last accessed) “The origin stories behind 11 uniquely strange baseball terms”, in MLB.com[4]:
      One of his [Casey Stengel's] more practical creations? The butcher boy, in which a batter would draw the infield in by squaring up to bunt ... only to quickly pull it back and take a short, downward swing at the ball.