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Alternative forms[edit]


From rent (to lease, let out) + boy, a diminutive term for man.


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rent boy (plural rent boys)

  1. (chiefly Britain, informal) A male prostitute, typically young and gay.
    • 1990, House of Cards, Season 1, Episode 4:
      Francis Urquhart: Got anything on him?
      Tim Stamper: There was a whiff of scandal about ten years ago.
      Francis Urquhart: Rent boy. In a train. To Red Hill. Yes. Wanted to sell his story but we bought it and hushed him up. Be ungentlemanly to bring that up. A man's private life should be private.
      Tim Stamper: On the other hand, getting sucked off in second class is hardly prime ministerial behaviour.
      Francis Urquhart: Yes, you have a point there.
    • 1992. Donald James West, Buz De Villiers, "Male prostitution", Page 93:
      An Irishman came up to him, bought him a drink, asked him if he was a rent boy, and agreed to give £40 for coming back.
    • 2007. John Patrick. "Dangerous Boys, Rent Boys", Page 12:
      Just then, a rent boy with perfect white teeth and a babyface flashed me one of those unforgettable Thai smiles