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suck off (third-person singular simple present sucks off, present participle sucking off, simple past and past participle sucked off)

  1. (slang, transitive) To perform oral sex (fellatio or cunnilingus) on.
    You might think your boyfriend's straight, but he sucked me off last night.
    • 2008, Tristan Taormino & ‎Ali Liebegott, Best Lesbian Erotica, page 99:
      "Ask her if I could please suck her off," I said desperately to Jerry, having no idea what the correct protocol was, but I didn't care.
    • 2011, Angela Knight, Master of Smoke, ISBN 1101476761:
      He'd had plans for this night, careful plans, and they did not include letting Eva suck him off. If anything, he intended to suck her off.
    • 2016, Leo Butler, Decades, ISBN 1350015946:
      You know you can suck him off if you want to him feel better.
    • 2017, Willa Edwards, The Governor's Special Aide, ISBN 1939010977:
      I don't care if I have to sit here all day and suck him off. If that is what he wants, I'll be happy to oblige. I'd suck him off all damn day and leave the happiest girl you've ever seen. But that's not what he wants tonight. He has another commitment.