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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Vietic *t-kɔːj (horn). Cognate with Thavung təkɔːj¹ ("cow and buffalo horn"), Proto-Katuic *tŋkɔɔj (whence Pacoh tancoi (horn, antler)). The original meaning is probably "horn of herbivores", while Proto-Vietic *k-rəŋ (> sừng) was just "horn" in general.

The Viet-Muong languages no longer retain the meaning "animal horn" preserved in the other Vietic languages like Thavung, and Katuic.


(classifier cái) còi (𥶯, 𧥇)

  1. a whistle (device used to make a whistling sound)
  2. a horn (loud alarm, especially on a motor vehicle)
  3. a siren (device for making a sound alarm)

Etymology 2[edit]

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còi (, 𩲡)

  1. (colloquial) skinny; bony
Derived terms[edit]
Derived terms