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Alternative forms[edit]

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Halloween-themed cake pops.


Blend of cake +‎ lollipop. Compare also cookie pop.


cake pop (plural cake pops)

  1. A confection consisting of a round piece of cake coated in icing or chocolate and stuck on a stick in the manner of a lollipop.
    • 2010, Bakerella, Cake Pops Holidays, Chronicle Books (2010), →ISBN, page 30:
      The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year to make cake pops.
    • 2011, Molly Bakes, Crazy for Cake Pops: 50 All-New Delicious and Adorable Creations, Ulysses Press (2011), →ISBN, page 38:
      Before you start it's best to pierce the holes into the polystyrene block that will hold the cake pops.
    • 2013, Tracy March, The Practice Proposal, Entangled Publishing (2013), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      “Maybe this will cheer you up.” Paige whipped the cutest cellophane-wrapped cake pop out of her tote, decorated like a mini pumpkin all the way down to the stem.

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