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call off (third-person singular simple present calls off, present participle calling off, simple past and past participle called off)

  1. (transitive) To recall; to cancel or call a halt to.
    Synonyms: cancel, withcall
    If you want me to call off the dog, then get off my land.
    After four months, the police called off the search for the missing boy.
    • 1937, Ira Gershwin (lyrics), George Gershwin (music), “Let's Call the Whole Thing Off”:
      You say either and I say either, / You say neither and I say neither / Either, either Neither, neither / Let's call the whole thing off
    • 2022 September 21, “Network News: Unions postpone action during period of national mourning”, in RAIL, number 966, page 15:
      National rail strikes by ASLEF members on September 15 and by RMT members on September 15 and 19 were immediately called off.
  2. (intransitive) To telephone in one's notice of a day's absence from work.
    Synonym: call in sick

Derived terms[edit]