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Before 1571, camarade ("soldiers' dormitory") is feminine. 1587, in military slang camarade either masculine or feminine, with the sense of "who shares with someone else", thereafter "buddy"; 1869 political sense.

From Spanish camarada, itself from cámara (chamber) rather than Italian camerata which is slightly later but which influenced the form camerade which is attested in the 16th and 17th centuries. Both Italian and Spanish correspond to the construction of French chambrée.


  • IPA(key): /ʁad/
  • (file)


camarade m (plural camarades)

  1. Buddy, mate.
    On est camarades depuis le lycée.
  2. Comrade (companion or fellow socialist or communist).
    Il y a encore des têtes à couper
    Il y a encore des rois à dézinguer
    Allons camarades pas question de se rendre
    Il y a encore des forteresses à prendre.
    (Nono Futur, Goulag 666)


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