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cheese +‎ -er. The smile is said to resemble the uniform white coloration of cheese, or possibly related to the phrase say cheese; an uncircumsized man may have more apparent smegma, known in slang as dickcheese.


cheeser (plural cheesers)

  1. A broad gleeful grin.
    • 1977, Llyod Pye, That Prosser Kid, link
      I looked at his normally deadpan face and saw the faintest outline of a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, a cheeser grin on anyone else.
  2. A jovial greeting
    • 1994, Tom Kakonis, Shadow Counter, page
      Got to be a good sign though, so Click rigged out a cheeser of his own and said brightly, "Mornin', Mr. Brewster," underlining it with the molar squeak.
  3. A cheesemonger, cheese aficionado, or someone employed in the cheese business
    • 1964, Thomas Armstrong, The Face of a Madonna, link
      ...heard the cries of poultry dealers, cheesers, and medicine men.
  4. (slang) An uncircumcised man.
  5. (slang) A senior or geezer.
    • 1994, Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of you[1], page 259:
      But you'll want to marry someone your own age, not some old cheeser.
  6. A cocktail sandwich made with cheese.
    • 2011, Katherine Hall Page, The Body in the Gazebo: A Faith Fairchild Mystery[2], page 173:
      Tom had made toasted cheese sandwiches, or toasted “cheesers,” as he called them.
  7. (Britain, dialect) A conker with a flat side.