chesterfield rugby

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From chesterfield, a generic term for "sofa" in Canadian English, and rugby, a contact sport, alluding to the physical nature of sex.


chesterfield rugby (uncountable)

  1. (Canada, idiomatic, euphemistic) Sexual activity.
    • 1973 Aug 25, Doris Clark, "Successful Living," The Leader-Post:
      As to necking and petting, as a kind of part time recreation, frankly, it's a failure. You'll do better to dance together or play tennis than to use up all that ebulience in what we used to call chesterfield rugby.
    • 1975 Nov 13, "Lazy Muscles: Fitness Scares Them," The Montreal Gazette:
      "There are so many adults with fitness problems today because, other than a little chesterfield rugby, they never exercise," said Allan Little, Edmonton YMCA supervisor.