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Borrowed from French chevreuil.


chevreuil (plural chevreuils)

  1. A roe deer, a roebuck.
    • 1840, Sporting Magazine - Volume 95, page 306:
      We found a chevreuil, and, could we have got him once out of the covert, no doubt should have had an excellent run towards Mortefontaine; but as he was determined not to go straight away, and we were not strong enough to make him, after a short gallop we gave it up.
    • 1873, Fitzgerald's Life and Adventures of Alexander Dumas, “Chambers's Journal”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), volume 50, number 1, page 136:
      Alexander, with some friends, had gone out to shoot a day or two before, and brought home plenty of game; and by seven o'clock Chevet arrived with a salmon of fifty pounds-weight, a chevreuil roasted entire, and served upon a huge silver dish, and a monster pasty.
    • 1903, Thomas Jefferson, ‎Andrew Adgate Lipscomb, ‎Albert Ellery Bergh, The Writings of Thomas Jefferson - Volume 6, page 21:
      I have convinced him that our deer is not a Chevreuil, and would you believe that many letters to different acquaintances in Virginia, where this animal is so common, have never enabled me to present him with a large pair of their horns,
    • 1935, Earnest Hemmingway, Green Hills of Africa:
      Well, the last night we were in Paris I'd been out shooting at Ben Gallagher's in the Sologne the day before and he had a fermée, you know, they put up a low fence while they're out feeding, and shot rabbits in the morning and in the afternoon we had several drives and shot pheasants and I shot a chevreuil.


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From Old French chevruel, chevrol, from Latin capreolus.


  • IPA(key): /ʃə.vʁœj/
  • (file)


chevreuil m (plural chevreuils)

  1. roe deer, roebuck
  2. (Canada, Louisiana) any of various local species of deer in the genus Odocoileus; mostly the white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus).

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  • English: chevreuil

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