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Bicycle helmet with yellow chinstrap.
Man with chinstrap beard.

Alternative forms[edit]


chin +‎ strap


chinstrap (plural chinstraps)

  1. A strip of leather or material used to fasten a hat or helmet under the chin.
    • 1777, John Richardson, A Dictionary, Persian, Arabic, and English, page 752:
      A bridle, the chin-strap or chain.
    • 1842, “Waifs of the Waters”, in The Sporting Review:
      Such a deficit was not likely long to escape notice: the regiment was halted in the midst of a manœuvre, and, in the pause that ensued, Nosey demanded, in a grunt of thunder, how, without a chinstrap, I could expect my cap to stick upon my head.
    • 2005, Peacock, Joe, Mentally Incontinent:
      I immediately spat my mouthpiece out and unbuckled my chinstrap, yanking my helmet off of my head in a determined flash.
  2. A form of beard grown under the chin.

Derived terms[edit]