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Truncated form of chockablock.


chocka (not comparable)

  1. (informal) Filled to capacity.
    • 2011, ITV Studios Ltd., The Loose Women Book for Lovely Mums, →ISBN:
      When I lived with my mum, the only thing we ever argued about was her food shopping addiction. Every single cupboard was chocka, the fridge was chocka, the freezer was chocka.
    • 2012, Chris Brady, Life Begins at 49, →ISBN:
      So we were more than a bit deflated when we found the hostel, only to be told that it was just about chocka, but that we could have separate rooms for an inflated price if we wanted.
    • 2014, David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks, →ISBN, page 141:
      It's gone ten, the place is chocka, and Günter's two saisonnières - one skinny girl in Hamlet black, the other plumper, frillier and blonder -- are busy with orders.