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chocolate +‎ -holic.


chocoholic (plural chocoholics)

  1. Someone who has such a liking for chocolate that they appear to be addicted to it.
    • 1983, Betty Fussell, Masters of American Cookery, University of Nebraska Press, published 2005, →ISBN, part 3, 367:
      Chocoholics are confessing at the rate of the nuns of Loudon to demonic possession.

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chocoholic (comparative more chocoholic, superlative most chocoholic)

  1. Addicted or seemingly addicted to chocolate; characteristic of a chocoholic.
    • 2008 February 16, Jess Cartner-Morley, “The family challenge”, in The Guardian:
      At tonight’s table, there are two couples, both here because the man had bought the session for his chocoholic partner as a present []
    • 2014, Suzanne Loudermilk Haughey, “What’s In a Name?”, 5 June, 2014,[1]
      A wedge of chocolate-ganache cake with Kahlua and whipped cream will satisfy any chocoholic cravings.

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