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Etymology 1[edit]

Inflected forms.


chops pl (plural only)

  1. plural of chop
  2. (slang) Jaws, mouth.
  3. (plural only, slang) One's skill at musical interpretation and delivery (originally of jazz); musical performance ability.
    Although the bass player had no experience playing in New Orleans, the crowd's enthusiastic response showed that he had the chops to make it in the very particular Crescent City jazz scene.
  4. (plural only, informal) One's skill at any endeavor; ability, talent; competency.
    Although he did not know all of the ins and outs of the newsroom, he had the writing chops to become a regular contributor.
    • 2016, Christopher Duffy, Mohit,, Cameron Buchanan, Terry Ip, Andrew Mabbitt, Benjamin May, Dave Mound, Python: Penetration Testing for Developers, Packt Publishing Ltd (→ISBN)
      If you're a Python guru, you can look for ideas to apply your craft to penetration testing, or if you are a newbie Pythonist with some penetration testing chops, then this module serves as a perfect ending to your search for some hands-on experience in pentesting.
  5. (plural only, nautical) The area where two tides meet and cause an irregular (choppy) sea.
  6. (plural only, juggling) A pattern that involves carrying the object with the hand over the next object before throwing it.
  7. (Nigeria, slang) Food.
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  1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of chop
    He chops wood all day.

Etymology 2[edit]


chops (third-person singular simple present chopses, present participle chopsing, simple past and past participle chopsed)

  1. Alternative form of chopse