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colour wheel (plural colour wheels)

  1. A planar circular chart in which related colours are adjacent, and complementary colors are opposite.
  2. A device that emits varying colours of light by the use of a wheel, commonly used to illuminate Christmas trees.
    • 2013, Martin Pullen, The Completely Useless Guide to Christmas[1]:
      With fears that draping normal Christmas fairy lights through the tree's aluminium branches would cause a short circuit, the trees were lit from below by a rotating colour wheel divided into wedge-shaped segments of variously coloured plastic.
    • 2013, Robert Jeschonek, Christmas at Glosser's[2], page 13:
      The twins led him across the room to a silver aluminum Christmas tree in the far corner. A device on the floor cast light on the tree from a bulb behind a slowly turning color wheel.

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